The bunting workshop is a fun way to create bunting for a special occasion, hen do or just an excuse to get together and have some crafty fun and to have bunting to take away with you that day!


You don’t have to have had any experience with sewing before you will be guided through the steps. It will be a fun and relaxing session with demonstrations and one to one support when needed.


There will be lots of fabric in a selection of color s or specific color options can be, triangle templates and there will be a selection of sewing machines and tools.


We can take turns doing different tasks or stick to what your happy with weather its the cutting or sewing.


Dates, time and location:

Please contact me to arrange a date or time that suites you. The workshop is located in the studio or gallary space at The Round Georges, Briighton. If you wish to have the workshop at your location this too can be arranged.


Tea, coffee, drinks and a selection of snacks are available from the bar, as the workshop is held the pub studio or function room at The Round Georges, Brighton.


I you wish for the workshop to be an extra special occasion I can arrange for a buffet (different budget options) or high tea (£9pp) drinks and there other add on options can also be arranged.

Bunting workshop