Paint baubles... or money boxes, frames, magnets, or decorations.

I will have a selection to choose from and you will get a few to paint. the amount you can paint depends of the size. I.e One money box and 2 small or 4 small items. If there is particular them or items you want to paint please let me know and I try to arrange.



•  You can choose from the section of items to paint 

•  Please let me know in advance what items you will want available to choose from)

•  You will be supplied with paints and ceramic pens


Price is per person, minimum 4 people.


Location can be at my studio or in the function room of my pub The Round Georges, Brighton. 

Or at a location within 30min of Brighton of your choice, I will just need a table and chairs and 20 min to set up and pack down.


Suitable for workshops, events, parties, hen do, Christmas parties and work dos.
If you having a hen party or baby shower you will also get a big plate for everyone to add there marks or personalisation for a gift to the bride or baby.


Catering can be arranged too, please contact for details.

Paint baubles